Dr. Steven Helper

I am a subspecialist in the field of Interventional Spine Pain Management. My practice focusses on the
identification and treatment of specific spine pain generators (E.g. injured joints, disc herniations,
degenerated discs).

Before a patient ends up in my office, they will typically participate in conservative treatment measures, such as physical therapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, and chiropractic care. Patients who not improving will then seek out further medical opinion. When they present to my office, I will help them decide whether x-ray guided injection procedures are appropriate.

However, not all patients with back +/or buttock pain require medical procedures. In some cases, the early suggestion for rehab is correct. It simply was unsuccessful. For patients with resistant cases, it is common to identify deficits of posture (malalignment) and biomechanics (movement). These patients can be very difficult to treat. Even in the hands of very experienced therapists, these patients often achieve incomplete recovery.

In the last two years, I have observed consistently superior results for individuals with these common
presentations when I have referred patients to the Performax Rehabilitation Centre. I now routinely refer patients to Mr. Dean Kotopski for rehabilitation. I am supportive of Mr. Kotopski’s Force Balance
Technique theory, focusing on alignment, stability, and mobilization. I am happy to endorse Mr.
Kotopski’s skill set.

Steven Helper, MD, FRCPC
Interventional Spine
Division of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, UBC
False Creek Healthcare Centre

Derkan Wardel

Can’t thank (Dean) enough for fixing my foot from a torn plantar fasciitis in 3 weeks so I could continue my goal of hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. When I first came to you after tearing my plantar fasciitis I was certain that my scheduled week long hiking trip was over. You advised me that you could get me fixed and you did just that. I completed my week long hike 3 weeks later and fulfilled a lifetime goal. You Are A Miracle Worker.

Many Thanks.

Kevin Clark

After battling back issues for 13 years I came to Dean Kotopski at Performax. Dean’s enthusiasm and multi-disciplined approach to physical rehabilitation, is unmatched and motivating.

Dean has a unique 3 step approach restore natural body alignment.

      • 1.       Loosen and relax tight muscles.
      • 2.       Empower and assist the body into its correct alignment
      • 3.       Strengthen muscles to hold the body in its natural aligned state.

This systematic approach to healing has helped me immensely and I believe that I am now finally on my way to getting my life back.

Robert “Blastoff” Esmie

As a World Champion, Olympic Champion and Speed Doctor I had worked with some of the greats in the medical professions. Since i’ve met Dean of Performaxphysio about a year ago to work on my hamstring, I’ve realized that we speak the same language of structure and alignment. My hamstring are now ok. He’s on the cutting edge and a straight shooter. One of my athlete had extremely bad shin splint for years and 6 week with Dean it was fix and 8 months now I still have not heard her mention it. He now works with all my athletes and a resource to others. Thanks Dean and airblastoff athletes thank you to.

Anson Hibbert

Three years in a row my daughter injured her groin playing soccer, during which time she saw multiple physiotherapists who gave her a variety of rehab programs with none able to prevent re-injury. Since Dean diagnosed her pelvic misalignment and treated her with his system for recovery and strengthening she has been injury free for the past 2 years.

Alexia Jones

I was a active 25 year old, running 3-4 times a week and playing soccer regularly. I trained and ran a half marathon that ended with severe lateral left knee pain. Physiotherapist, Sports Doctors, and Acupuncturist attributed my “IT Band Syndrome” to tight facia and weak muscles in my leg/gluts. I received acupuncture in my quad, cortisone injections, and I was on anti-inflammatory therapy for months. None of these treatments helped, I continued to have pain that greatly restricted my physical activity for over a year. A friend started to see Dean at Performax and suggested I do the same. Within 8 sessions, none of which involved the treatment of my knee, I was back at the gym 5 days a week and even starting to run again. I am very thankful to Dean for looking at the whole picture and getting me back out doing the activities I love.