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Elite Dreams Football Camp

Performax Health Group takes part in the 2017 Elite Dreams Football Camp that happened in Vancouver, at BC Place Stadium.

Stem Cells instead of surgery and more unnecessary physiotherapy

Young stuntman seen after 2 years of ongoing physiotherapy with another therapist was resolving nothing. 2 treatments in it was obvious more physiotherapy wasn’t the answer so I recommended stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis and meniscal tears in his left knee. The results speak for themselves. Check it out.

Personalized video exercise programs for you!

Rob Leckie from Remedy Physio demonstrates video technology from Physiotec. Our therapists use Physiotec to help you get better faster!

Chronic Low Back and Hip Pain 70% Better in 5 Visits!

Here I explain the damage that symptomatic treatment causes when dealing with the low back and hips and then show you how to fix it.

Physiotherapy can help!

Story of a patient who was unfortunately involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in 2012 that left him badly injured and unable to function properly. Using EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) through acupuncture needles helped to significantly remodulate pain signals and improve his function. We have been doing this at Performax Health… Read More »

Podcast with Derek Hansen (CSCS) talking about Force Balance Technique and why it works.

Derek hansen is a highly accomplished strength and conditioning coach that, when not galavanting around the world presenting at conferences and training athletes, spends some time with Performax helping us with FBT. Here we discuss the genesis of my professional career and how FBT was originated.

Joe Rogan and Dr.Roddy McGee (Apr 2017)

Joe and Dr. McGee discuss use of placental derived stem cells and PRP for regeneration/repair of MSK (musculoskeletal) issues. Extremely fascinating podcast as this is where physical medicine is heading. I have been referring patients for prolotherapy and PRP for some 20 years now with what I would consider very favourable… Read More »

Hip pain from pelvic malalignment

Here is a case presented to me last year that is an example of how pelvic mal-alignment effects the hip. When it is not treated properly it can lead to chronic problems at the hip, low back and knees.

Pelvic Treatment

Another example of pelvic imbalance creating muscular dysfunction on adductor group (groin) on pro athlete.

Hip power increase after pelvic re-balance treatment

This is Todd post re-balance treatment on his pelvis.