I came to Dean unable to skate or train due to a right hip problem no one could solve. Lots of time , $$ and frustration. After going to his physiotherapy clinic in Burnaby, he diagnosed a rotation in my pelvis. Dean fixed my “hip” problem in 6 treatments and I haven’t looked back. His Force Balance Technique is a game changer!

Mathew Barzal

WHL/NHL - Professional Hockey Player

I wound up injuring my left knee after training for a half marathon. Long story short, after cortisone injections,  rolling my ITB and endless therapy…nothing. Turns out my pelvis was misaligned and was causing all of my symptoms. We missed the source. After 8 treatments at Performax Physio, none of which were on my knee, pain gone and training stronger than before. Thanks Dean!

Alexia Jones

"Weekend Warrior"

In the last two years, I have observed consistently superior results for individuals (whom) I have
referred… to the Performax Rehabilitation Centre. I now routinely refer patients to Mr. Dean
Kotopski for rehabilitation. I am supportive of Mr. Kotopski’s Force Balance Technique theory,
focusing on alignment, stability, and mobilization. I am happy to endorse Mr. Kotopski’s skill set.

Dr. Steven Helper

Steven Helper, MD, FRCPC
Interventional Spine
Division of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, UBC
False Creek Healthcare Centre

Dean! Thank you for introducing me to Force Balance Technique. It was instrumental in keeping me on the field and taking top honours as CFL’s 2014 Most Outstanding Player. After my devastating achilles rupture your passion and commitment to improving human movement brought me back faster and stronger than I was before. Thanks bro!

Solomon Elimimian

CFL 2014 Most Outstanding Player/2016 Defensive Player of the Year

Thx 2 Dean Kotopski @PerformaxPhysio 4 tuning up my body so I can perform at my best while I’m here in #Vancouver!

Rory MacDonald

MMA Fighter UFC/Bellator

Dean, thank you for all your help in getting me back to 100% from injury. Your work and knowledge accelerated the healing of my injury allowing me to regain my MVP status.

Geroy Simon

BC Lions, CFL 2006 Most Outstanding Player

I came to Performax unable to walk properly for 10 months. I had been all but abandoned by my healthcare team and was basically waiting for a cortisone shot in my low back. I was referred to Dean by a Vancouver physiatrist specializing in spinal pain and that’s where I learned about Force Balance Technique. Within 4 weeks I was walking without my walker and the pain was reduced by 80%. I now am able to garden and play with my grandchildren with very little discomfort. Dean’s treatment process was like nothing I have ever experienced before and it gave me my life back. Thank you Performax!

Marvin MacDonald

Proud Grandpa/Weekend Warrior

Dean Kotopski and his team at Performax Physiotherapy, with their invaluable expertise and knowledge, have helped me with the analysis, recovery and prevention of injuries. Thanks guys!

Victor Kraatz

Olympian and World Ice Dance Champion

Can’t thank Dean and his crew at Performax enough for all the help they have given to me and my crew! No matter what we throw at them they find a way to get us back at it quick and strong. BEAST!

Kajan Johnson

MMA Fighter UFC

As a World Champion, Olympic Champion and Speed Doctor I have worked with some of the greats in the medical profession. Since I met Dean of Performax to work on my hamstrings, I have come to realize that we speak the same language of structure and alignment. My hamstrings are now ok. He’s on the cutting edge and a straight shooter. He now works with all my athletes and a resource to others. Thanks Dean and Airblastoff athletes thank you too.

Robert Esmie

World Champion/Olympic Champion Sprinter and "Speed Doctor"


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