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Performax Health Group is a rehabilitation clinic that focuses on one thing: sustainable results.

We specialize in a revolutionary treatment system called Force Balance Technique (FBT) which offers smooth, powerful and pain-free movement that lasts. You don’t have to be an athlete to visit our clinic, we just want you to move like one!

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FBT Mech

Freedom from

Chronic Pain

Force Balance Technique™ is a revolutionary 3-step program developed to provide sustainable relief from chronic pain.


FBT Mech (Mechanical) is where our treatment process starts. There are so many important concepts to consider when fixing a chronic MSK (musculo-skeletal) problem. For us, it starts with proper assessment followed by restoring alignment and mobility of the frame and associated soft tissues.

Without proper alignment, a person is at risk of re-injury.  An even worse scenario is a progression to a chronic state of mechanical dysfunction and pain. Indeed, surgical reconstructive concepts adhere to principles of precise structural alignment, as do many examples in structural engineering to ensure proper joint/frame loading.  We have found the absolute starting point for physical rehabilitation to be restoration of skeletal alignment and we achieve that through manual therapy techniques to loosen muscle and surrounding soft tissues that distort normal alignment and mobility of your joints.


Our main goal in Force Balance Technique is to create sustainable joint stability and mobility to allow your muscular system to kick ass! Sorry, we mean so your muscular system can create power beyond what you have been able to achieve with just regular strengthening and conditioning approaches.

Think of it like this. A muscle crosses a joint, or joints, and when it contracts it creates motion in the joint(s) to allow for movement and function. This is not only an important concept for movement but for also strengthening muscle as well. Here’s what your therapists, trainers and everyone else trying to rehab you probably has not told you. In order for you to achieve maximal force out of a muscle, it needs to act upon a joint that is not only aligned properly but is also stable. If you are constantly getting massage or IMS to release tight muscle or manipulations to re-align a joint that is troubling you there is a STRONG chance that the joint is unstable. Good luck with that.

Non-operative, unstable malalignment is arguable the most costly, debilitating condition creating chronic pain. All of our chronic clients have this situation in some form or another. FBT Mech sets the stage to allow for proper contraction of a muscle by mobilizing and aligning the joint(s) before significant effort is placed at strengthening muscles. Combined with FBT Neuro, these 2 stages of FBT are extremely powerful in giving you back pain-free mobility. For us, it is not good enough to just inject a joint or soft tissues with regenerative therapy. For best results YOU MUST combine alignment and mobility principles (FBT Mech) with maximal joint stability (FBT Regen) and then train the musculature to respond efficiently in recruitment patterns that allow for maximal power (FBT Neuro).

How it works


FBT™ Mech

Manual therapy to correct structural (skeletal) alignment and mobility. It is our experience that creating sustainable relief from muscle and joint pain is almost impossible until proper alignment and mobilization has been achieved.

FBT™ Neuro

Exercise with electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) to retrain your brain and nervous system how to control your new mobility. We utilize proprietary technology in the form of our patented E-stim device called FBT neuro.

FBT™ Regen

To heal your chronically injured tendons, ligaments and joints when physiotherapy isn’t the full fix. FBT™ gives people hope that there is a solution to their chronic pain and we prove it every day.

Sustainable relief doesn’t have to be reserved for professional athletes.
Force Balance Technique™ is available to everyone.

If you’ve been told “you have to live with chronic pain”, FBT™ is for you.


Performax Health Group is the only physical therapy rehabilitation clinic in the world offering Force Balance Technique™.

The system is derived from 30 years of research and clinical trial by physiotherapist, massage therapist, acupuncture & IMS practitioner Dean Kotopski – Clinical Director of Performax Health Group and founder of FBT™.

Having suffered an industrial accident in his early 20’s that left him frustrated and in chronic pain, Dean set out to develop a better way to heal. FBT™ applies the same concepts used in engineering and architecture to balance the mechanical forces within the body. Force Balance Technique™ helps to improve joint function and heal associated soft tissues commonly aggravated by activities such as sitting, standing, reaching or running. We do this by aligning and stabilizing the skeleton before we concentrate on strengthening muscles. Our approach provides an optimal environment for muscular strengthening resulting in faster healing times and less clinical rehabilitation needed.
Our goal is sustainable relief.
It’s that simple.



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