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Performax Health Group is a rehabilitation clinic that focuses on one thing: sustainable results.

We specialize in a revolutionary treatment system called Force Balance Technique (FBT) which offers smooth, powerful and pain-free movement that lasts. You don’t have to be an athlete to visit our clinic, we just want you to move like one!

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FBT Neuro

Freedom from

Chronic Pain

Force Balance Technique™ is a revolutionary 3-step program developed to provide sustainable relief from chronic pain.


FBT NEURO is the intelligent integration of electrical muscle stimulation with precise exercise prescriptions for individuals managing pain, physical dysfunction and challenges around mobility.  It is used to rehabilitate an acute injury, manage a return from a surgical procedure or correct postural and alignment issues that result in chronic pain and disability.  While other physical therapists have used electrical stimulation and exercise independently of each other, FBT Neuro combines the benefits of both techniques to provide the synergy needed to accelerate your recovery and maintain your health well beyond your treatment period.

Electrical stimulation can be used to improve muscle function and strength, while also providing the added benefit of reducing pain and discomfort, and hastening the removal of edema and managing inflammatory responses.  When used in combination with progressive exercise, manual therapy and movement protocols, electrical stimulation can ‘amplify’ the positive effects and benefits of exercise and improved range of motion gained through the complete FBT process.  Strength improvement, pain reduction and circulatory enhancement all result from the application of FBT Neuro protocols.

FBT Neuro professionals will guide you through the appropriate protocols and monitor your performance throughout your treatment sessions.  The intent is to make all patients more self-sufficient with their physical health and wellness even after they have completed their rehabilitation with Force Balance Technique.  FBT Neuro enhances your overall awareness of the brain-body connection, giving you a sense of control and confidence over your own well-being.

What does FBT™ Neuro look like?

FBT Neuro is an integral part of the rehabilitation process in Force Balance Technique.  We make use of electrical muscle stimulation in our daily work in the clinic setting, familiarizing our patients with the correct placement of electrode pads and the appropriate protocols for addressing their specific rehabilitation issues.  In some instances, we use electrical stimulation to target specific muscles that require strengthening, whether due to direct trauma or stress, muscle strain, overuse or atrophy following a surgical procedure.  In other scenarios, we may use electrical stimulation to diminish pain so that we can work on movement, range of motion and flexibility through exercise or manual therapy.  Finally, electrical muscle stimulation can recruit your own muscles to help flush out edema and waste products that can accumulate as a result of injury,  or trauma.

The benefits of FBT Neuro become immediately apparent under our direct care.

We also help our patients use FBT Neuro protocols at home with the use of their personal electrical stimulation unit.  All of our patients receive instruction and resources on how to accelerate and maintain their rehabilitation treatments at home, thereby improving outcomes promptly.  Your home-care experience is enhanced with the use of digital resources and the ability to video conference with any of our FBT Neuro professionals to guide you through your rehabilitation program.  The flexibility and convenience offered by our on-site and at-home FBT Neuro protocols provides all of our patients true 24/7 care for as long as they need it.

Who can benefit from FBT™ Neuro?

All of our patients can benefit from the support and value provided by FBT Neuro.

This is why every one of our patients has FBT Neuro protocols integrated into their overall treatment plan, regardless of their injury or chronic condition.  FBT Neuro can be used on almost every location on the body and for almost every condition that we address in the clinic.  We have found that every patient requires some degree of:

  • Muscle strengthening for movement and/or posture
  • Mobility enhancement and muscle loosening for improved range of motion
  • Pain management for improved comfort and quality of life
  • Inflammation management and edema reduction

Whether you are managing a lower body injury, recovering from surgery, experiencing chronic low back pain or alleviating the tension and pain in your shoulder, you can benefit from the solutions offered by FBT Neuro protocols.  Our professional staff are trained to use FBT Neuro in a way that addresses your specific circumstances in a precise and prompt manner.

Patients are excited to implement FBT Neuro protocols daily with a much higher engagement factor than conventional, unassisted exercise protocols.  FBT Neuro is helping to literally ‘jump-start’ an electrical stimulation based movement revolution in the area of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

How it works


FBT™ Mech

Manual therapy to correct structural (skeletal) alignment and mobility. It is our experience that creating sustainable relief from muscle and joint pain is almost impossible until proper alignment and mobilization has been achieved.

FBT™ Neuro

Exercise with electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) to retrain your brain and nervous system how to control your new mobility. We utilize proprietary technology in the form of our patented E-stim device called FBT neuro.

FBT™ Regen

To heal your chronically injured tendons, ligaments and joints when physiotherapy isn’t the full fix. FBT™ gives people hope that there is a solution to their chronic pain and we prove it every day.

Sustainable relief doesn’t have to be reserved for professional athletes.
Force Balance Technique™ is available to everyone.

If you’ve been told “you have to live with chronic pain”, FBT™ is for you.



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