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Performax Health Group is a rehabilitation clinic that focuses on one thing: sustainable results.

We specialize in a revolutionary treatment system called Force Balance Technique (FBT) which offers smooth, powerful and pain-free movement that lasts. You don’t have to be an athlete to visit our clinic, we just want you to move like one!

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Mathew Barzal

NY Islanders/ 2018 NHL Rookie of the Year

“I came to Dean unable to skate or train due to a right hip problem no one could solve. Lots of time , money and frustration. After going to his clinic in Burnaby, he diagnosed a rotation in my pelvis, which apparently is a common reason for hip and low back pain. Dean nailed the source and fixed my “hip” problem in 6 treatments and I haven’t looked back since. His Force Balance Technique is a game changer! Thanks Buddy!”

Derkan Wardel

“Can’t thank Dean and the team at Performax enough for fixing my foot from a torn plantar fasciitis in 3 weeks so I could continue my goal of hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. When I first came to you after tearing my plantar fascia I was certain that my scheduled week long hiking trip was over. You advised me that you could get me fixed and you did just that. I completed my week long hike 3 weeks later and fulfilled a lifetime goal. You Are A Miracle Worker.”

Dr. Steven Helper

MD, FRCPC Interventional Spine Division of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, UBC False Creek Healthcare Centre

“I am a subspecialist in the field of Interventional Spine Pain Management. My practice focuses on the identification and treatment of specific spine pain generators (E.g. injured joints, disc herniations, degenerated discs). Before a patient ends up in my office, they will typically participate in conservative treatment measures, such as physical therapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, and chiropractic care. Patients who not improving will then seek out further medical opinion. When they present to my office, I will help them decide whether x-ray guided injection procedures are appropriate.However, not all patients with back +/or buttock pain require medical procedures. In some cases, the early suggestion for rehab is correct. It simply was unsuccessful. For patients with resistant cases, it is common to identify deficits of posture (malalignment) and biomechanics (movement). These patients can be very difficult to treat. Even in the hands of very experienced therapists, these patients often achieve incomplete recovery.In the last two years, I have observed consistently superior results for individuals with these common presentations when I have referred patients to the Performax Rehabilitation Centre. I now routinely refer patients to Mr. Dean Kotopski for rehabilitation. I am supportive of Mr. Kotopski’s Force Balance Technique theory, focusing on alignment, stability, and mobilization. I am happy to endorse Mr.Kotopski’s skill set.”

Al Vermeil

Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Chicago Bulls and San Francisco 49’ers

“I have known Derek Hansen for 16 years. During this time I have been very impressed with his overall knowledge of the training process and improving athletic performance. He also understands the recovery and rehabilitation. This gives him a unique ability to not only help strengths coaches but also assist sports medicine staff. I have seen what he has done with athletes of average ability, improving their overall performance, particularly in the area of speed development. I think any performance group from junior high to the professional level would greatly benefit from Derek’s expertise. Personally, he has been a great source of knowledge, information and advice over those past 16 years. If you or your team has an opportunity to spend time with Derek, it will be time well spent and will benefit you for years to come. I have been involved in athletics and improving performance for a long time and Derek is one of my small group of coaches that I respect and seek their opinions and knowledge.”

Marvin MacDonald

Proud Grandpa/Weekend Warrior

“I came to Performax unable to walk properly for 10 months. I had been all but abandoned by my healthcare team and was basically waiting for a cortisone shot in my low back. I was referred to Performax by a Vancouver physiatrist specializing in spinal pain and that’s where I learned about Force Balance Technique. Within 4 weeks I was walking without my walker and the pain was reduced by 80%. I now am able to garden and play with my grandchildren with very little discomfort. FBT was like nothing I have ever experienced before and it gave me my life back. Thank you Performax!”

Solomon Elimimian

BC Lions/CFL 2014 Most Outstanding Player/2016 Defensive Player of the Year

“Coach Hansen is one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. His knowledge of speed development in team sports is second to none in the field. You would struggle to find a more humble and knowledgeable coach in the areas of athletic performance.”

Al Miller

Former NFL Head Strength and Conditioning Coach New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders

“I’ve Known Derek for a period of 10 years and in that time I’ve found him to be extremely competent in working all phases of conditioning with a strong emphasis on speed development. He has proven to me, that he has the insight to hear what you are trying to accomplish with your program and add just “the right ideas” to help a coach reach his goal. Derek has learned from the top of the speed coaches in Charlie Francis. His understanding and simple answers to hard questions puts him at the top of the line in being able to help with any program, whether it be Junior High, High School, college or pro. He understands what, how and when to do things correctly.

In my humble opinion, I would endorse Derek Hansen for consultation for any program, if you are interested in having the very best program possible.”

Kevin Clark

“After battling back issues for 13 years I came to Dean Kotopski at Performax. His enthusiasm and multi-disciplined approach to physical rehabilitation, is unmatched and motivating.Dean has a unique 3 step approach restore natural body alignment.
1. Loosen and relax tight muscles.
2. Empower and assist the body into its correct alignment
3. Strengthen muscles using electrostim and movement patterns to hold the body in its natural aligned state.
This systematic approach to healing has helped me immensely and I believe that I am now finally on my way to getting my life back.”

Rory MacDonald

MMA Fighter (UFC/Bellator)

“Thx 2 Dean Kotopski @PerformaxPhysio 4 tuning up my body so I can perform at my best while I’m here in #Vancouver!”

Matt Johnson

“Coach Hansen is one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. His knowledge of speed development in team sports is second to none in the field. You would struggle to find a more humble and knowledgeable coach in the areas of athletic performance.”

Alexia Jones

“I was a active 25 year old, running 3-4 times a week and playing soccer regularly. I trained and ran a half marathon that ended with severe lateral left knee pain. Physiotherapist, Sports Doctors, and Acupuncturist attributed my “IT Band Syndrome” to tight facia and weak muscles in my leg/gluts. I received acupuncture in my quad, cortisone injections, and I was on anti-inflammatory therapy for months. None of these treatments helped, I continued to have pain that greatly restricted my physical activity for over a year. A friend started to see the therapists at Performax and suggested I do the same. Within 8 sessions, none of which involved the treatment of my knee, I was back at the gym 5 days a week and even starting to run again. I am very thankful to Dean for looking at the whole picture and developing a treatment system that works!”

Barry Rubin

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

“I have used Derek as a consultant for our strength and conditioning program here with the Chiefs. He has a tremendous understanding and feel for this field. With all of his experience and knowledge he has contributed greatly to our program. He is totally committed to making a difference in our field and has made a difference. He has been awesome to work with and is always trying to make advances in strength and conditioning.”

Victor Kraatz

Olympic and World Ice Dance Champion

Dean Kotopski and his team at Performax Physiotherapy, with their invaluable expertise and knowledge, have helped me with the analysis, recovery and prevention of injuries. Thanks guys!”